The Wordpress of apps.

Create them fast and easy

Our modular system is easy to use, and allows you to save time by focusing on the details to create fully customized apps.

Sensational designs

Browse our gallery of high-quality templates, until you find the one that best suits your project, personalize it and change all the details for a unique look and feel.

50+ modules at your convenience

Every day the community uploads new lists of features to build everything you can imagine.

Create the navigation you need

Our builder allows you to combine different types of menus and within these you can create submenus to create the navigation system you need at any time.

If you have a web you have an app

Take Wordpress modules, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, Drupal or Prestashop and transform your web content into an app.

Create for IOS and Android

King of App allows you to create both your app for Android and iO's, we even give you the possibility to have two separate designs for each of the platforms.

Accurate statistics

Control what happens in your app, including what your users like and you can also perform A/B tests to improve the results of your app.

Generates engagement

Our services allow you to exploit the most of your app, and get a full interaction with your users through other services: advertising, push notifications, in-app messages, video messages, coupons…

Create anything you want

King of App is an open source CMS, so you have access to the code at anytime, allowing you to customize the elements already created or create whatever you need, knowing that at any time can reuse the code for new apps.

Create any app

King of App lets you create all kinds of apps:

personal apps, business apps,

product apps, apps for promotions,

event apps, mobile commerce…

Themes Gallery

Check out some of the themes that you can use in our market.





King of App is a program to create beautiful and functional mobile apps. It is the epicenter of an ecosystem created between profesionals that create apps and are following the same philosophy to create a standard in programming apps, code reuse, mobility and engagement. All in order to help the community to popularize the creation of apps and mobile content.

Access all the information you need to create, modify or connect everything you need in your app.

Imagine all you can do if you certify in King of App, the App Custom Management System.

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If you do not find the answer to what you need, do not hesitate and ask the community!

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