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Do you want to discover a new world? The Kingdom of Apps opens up to you. We have been completely renovated. Now, King of App limits are up to you. Be the first to get into the Castle! Register right now! Only the first 100 will have the privilege of raising a new Kingdom before anyone else.


Create the App you’ve ever imagined

Mobile CMS

We are the first Content Management System for mobile applications. So that, we are giving you the reins to reign. You can now create, modify our modules and themes and trade with your own creations to build different and original Apps. King of App is a solid base where to develop flexible and adaptive apps both in appearance and functionalities.


Usability and design in a perfect harmony. That is how our themes are. Select the one that best fits you or simply modify it. In our embedded store you will find everything you need to create your App; but if don’t, just create and sell it.

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Here there are the functionalities you will need to create your App. Choose the ones you need and activate them by only one click. If you think you need something else, just develop it. Our official store will give you the chance to sell it.

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We validate and guarantee each one of the products developed by all the members of the community, modules and themes, which are sold in our official store are completely compatible. If you want to be one of them and to get a developer certificate here we tell you how to do it.

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You are our strength, so King of App gives you the reins of the reign. That is why we are an open-source software, because we want the kingdom to be yours and you to be free to decide about it. The Kingdom has to grow with you to evolve and back all their members.

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Discover the Apps. The Kingdom grows every day, it is time to discover all new aplications. Here there are examples, what the other developers have created, that can inspire you. This is the real witness of the kingdom, a kingdom made for and by people like you.

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King of App offers the possibility to all the members of the community to trade with their creations. Our embedded store will certificate all templates and modules before selling them to guarantee the maximum quality standards.